FEEC High Speed Paper Coating and Laminating Aseptic Packaging Line Model LSMH1450


Shantou Far East Equipment Co., Ltd., owned by Jinming, is a well-known and the first supplier to manufacture plastic extrusion, coating and laminating equipment in China. As early as 2003, FEEC cooperated with world-famous paper companies to manufacture the leading high-speed dual-host paper coating machines for the production of paper packaging materials. After that, it manufactured several sets of high speed paper coating units for Hangzhou Nanda Group, Shanghai Jinye Packing Material Co. Ltd., Dongying Xinhua Printing House, etc. Over the last two years, FEEC has developed new environment-friendly polylactic coating machines for Hangzhou Nanda Group and Hefei Hengxin Printing Co., Ltd. with the development of the market, high speed, high precision, environment-friendly paper coating machines will receive more and more attention from customers. To meet the efficiency and quality requirements on coating machines by the market and customers, FEEC, by virtue of internationally advanced technology and the research and development strength of Jinming Group, has produced a 300m/min high speed paper coating and laminating aseptic packaging line, which has the main features as follows:

1. Fully functional powerful control system

The system adopts a common DC bus. All frequency converters (PowerFlex 750 series) are connected to the DC bus, thus realizing energy recovery, energy saving and environmental protection, and improving system stability.

2. High efficient intelligent temperature control system

The signals are collected in a distributed mode, but controlled and set in a centralized mode to streamline the system, reduce failure points and signal interference, and improve performance. Furthermore, advanced algorithms are adopted to enable excellent temperature control and easy operation, while providing current measurements, heating circuit abnormality alarm, and other functions.

3. Automatic tension control system

The drive system adopts the centralized PID tension control technology, which allows the tension shaft to use the feed-forward of the upper system to achieve coordinated production line control, thus finally achieving real-time synchronization, faster speed, higher precision, and easier adjustment.

4. Total system remote fault diagnosis and maintenance process

With IT and automatic shared network, the engineer may access the machine control system at any time, and check the parameters of all network devices (not only PLC and touch screen, but also frequency converters and remote IO stations, thus achieving online modification of procedures and parameters).

5. Device Level Ring (DLR) technology to address communication jamming issues

The 100M high speed ring network communication can perfectly solve the communication jamming problem. Any network outage will not affect the system operation. Furthermore, it has extensive diagnostic capabilities, which can display the failure points in the ring network, and timely conduct troubleshooting.

6. Intelligent information system

The smart alarm and prompt system can keep track of equipment operation all the time, and help the operator make a timely and effective response. It is unnecessary to install software when replacing hardware. The system automatically records the parameters, and can be extended to the intelligent corporate manufacturing platform. The line introduces 2 sets of automatic die heads from the United States, and uses the NDC automatic thickness measurement technology from the United States to automatically feed back the thickness data online, thus achieving real-time adjustment of die lip clearance of die head as well as transmission of extrusion laminating line, and achieving higher precision of the product composite film.

7. Highly efficient online thickness measurement system

The system displays the thickness of coated film and the deviation of uniformity on the Human Machine Interface (HMI) in real time by graphics and data through continuous scanning of the probe, controls the power of the heating bolt of the die lip of the automatic die head to change the opening degree of the corresponding die head through automatic horizontal thickness control system (APC), thus controlling the deviation of horizontal uniformity of film thickness and hence greatly improving the quality and stability of the products, and displays online monitoring directly on the HMI in real time by graphics and data, which also can facilitate saving and printout. In this way, the system greatly improves the quality and stability of the products and the consistency of the thickness, and also intuitively and effectively controls the costs of the customers' materials.


With the successful launch of the 300m/min high speed paper coating and laminating aseptic packaging line, Model LSMH1450, it is believed that FEEC’s share in the Chinese extrusion lamination market will increase more rapidly.

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